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eddie2About The EFCF Foundation

A Non Profit Organization


When Edward Francis III was in his twenties he thought he had it all.  He had a successful business and owned a beautiful home.  Quite an accomplishment for such a young man.  Eddie’s short lived success came to an abrupt end.  He put himself on the line for a close family member who did not honor their commitment and Eddie lost everything.  He suddenly found himself homeless and had to live in his van for several months.  He prayed everyday and asked God to help him survive this terrible ordeal.  He promised that if God helped him out of this situation he would in turn someday help other people.


After thirty years, that promise is being fulfilled.  Sadly in June 2009 Eddie’s father Edward Francis Jr., died from colon cancer.  He did not learn of his passing until August 2009 because of his estranged relationship with his father’s family.  They tried to unsuccessfully to keep it from him.  He later found out that he had received a small inheritance from his father.  Eddie decided along with his wife Joanne decided to use that inheritance to help others suffering with cancer. Joanne has several family members that had breast cancer.  She also had the threat of breast cancer herself.  They then founded the Eddie Francis Cancer Foundation and applied for its 501 (c) (3) designation which he received in May 2010.  The foundation was organized to help people with breast and colon cancer.


Services provided to patients with breast and colon cancer include transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, financial support for life sustaining medicines and moral support.   With thanks to generous contributions, fundraisers, and fellow supporters, Eddie’s promise and dream to help others will be realized.